Also known as the 90% Rule, the Texas Education Code requires that students physically attend 90% of classroom instructional time. When a student misses more than 10% of a class, any time over 10% must be made up by following the Principal’s Plan (contact your campus) for making up loss of instructional hours. This can include tutoring (after school or before school if available), Saturday school, etc. Please refer to the link below for the entire statute.

Sec. 25.092. Minimum Attendance for Class Credit or Final Grade

(a) Except as provided by this section, a student in any grade level from kindergarten through grade 12 may not be given credit or a final grade for a class unless the student is in attendance for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered.
(a-1) A student who is in attendance for at least 75 percent but less than 90 percent of the days a class is offered may be given credit or a final grade for the class if the student completes a plan approved by the school’s principal that provides for the student to meet the instructional requirements of the class. A student under the jurisdiction of a court in a criminal or juvenile justice proceeding may not receive credit or a final grade under this subsection without the consent of the judge presiding over the student’s case.